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This site is all about California Muscle guys.

California has more men that are into muscle and muscle building, modeling and showing off their muscle then any other place on earth. California muscle men can be found at most gyms, at the beach wearing tiny thongs, bikinis and g-strings in fact you can find muscle men just about anywhere in California because the culture itself is so into health and the body. Our site will feature California muscle men modeling all sorts of wild swimwear and fetish wear. It’s just amazing what you can get these California muscle guys to do.



We will offer stories about how these muscle guys get so big and the best California muscle work-outs so you can join ranks with these hot guys.

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We will feature California muscle men in different photo galleries including:


California muscle men wearing bikinis.


California muscle men modeling in thongs.


California muscle men wearing the smallest little g-strings.


California muscle men wearing fetish Lycra, spandex and metal penis display suits that

you can see everything!


Amateur California Muscle men and guys from around the world that send us their sexy photos to post.



Tanning secrets from California muscle guys, hint they are not all real tans.


Diet and getting that perfect California muscle body.


The Male Chastity Store


Smooth and sexy, you never see hairy California muscle men they are always shaved, waxed, use laser hair removal and have some other secrets to staying hair free and red bump free to.


Best spots to see California Muscle men, remember the governor of California is one of the all time muscle men, check out some of his old photos they were amazing.



Working on a California muscle body and want to show if off in public?

The best swimwear for you to show off you work.

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Hooking up: stories for straight California muscle men looking for the right girls and the best hook up spots for gay California muscle men looking for the right boys.

We will also feature some places where you can hook up with the wrong guy or girl if that’s the mood you are in.



Listings of competitions for California muscle men.


Amateur California muscle contests.


Professional California muscle contest.


National muscle contests.


International muscle contests.


Sex and the California muscle man.

The California muscle scene is a hot one with men wearing bikinis, thongs,g-strings and even ultra micro suits including pouch only designs. Show more California muscle, more skin and less fabric. Showing off the body is what it is all about and the guys who are into the California muscle scene take it further every year. There were men wearing completely sheer suits this year showing everything and the crowds loved it!




Movies that star California muscle men and classic movies featuring the greatest muscle guys from around the world.


We will offer stories and information about California muscle men and sex both gay and straight. If you are a California muscle man send us the things you are into, what’s your

Favorite sexual positions, how do you like your sex, has it been different since you became a California muscle men, how do women or men react to your muscles, how do they react when they see you nude?


California muscle men and penis size. I have seen hundreds of California muscle guys completely nude, we do a lot of photography for my company and it’s just part of my job.

I have noticed that many of the California and muscle guys from other countries have some of the same issue. The bigger they are generally they are using the juice and their penises do get smaller. This is just an opinion and keep in mind I’m in the same boat but many guys that get into lifting have smaller penises to begin with and we use the big muscle to balance things out. I’m not trying to upset anyone and if you are a California muscle guy or a muscle guy from anywhere with a large cock send in your photos we will post them. I am speaking in general terms. Some of the guys we take photos of have such large muscles and huge legs their tiny cocks almost look like an after thought. I think that look is sexy and I know many women who are into California muscle men love the body and let’s face it almost any size penis that stays hard can do a very good job!


California muscle men e-mail me your opinions, your routines, your diets, your photos,

your erotic stories or anything you might think would be interesting for us to post.



This entire site including all the California muscle galleries are FREE.


This is a fun site for us and we our doing it so everyone out there can enjoy our

beautiful California muscle men.


We can use your help! There are a few things you can do to help us with this site. Many of the photos we use in this site our courtesy of and


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Add links from this site to your site or sites you think might help people find California muscle.


Post info about California muscle on blogs and in forums.


Anything you do to help us will be greatly appreciated and motivate us more to get more photos on the site more often.





Many of the categories we listed above will be added in time and if you have any interesting ideas for California muscle men categories let us know.


My personal favorite California muscle fun is working out at the gym and then showing off my body wearing some jaw dropping tiny micro bikini. I love they way people react to it, I wear a suit with a built in cock ring so in addition to my nice not to large California born and bred muscle being show, my very moderate sized but angry from being strapped into a cock ring plumped up nice and large is on display as an additional muscle. I meet more guys and girls around the pool at my gym. Guys that want to meet me come the very long way around to take a peek and more then once I have had conversation with hot girls that seemed to be talking to my penis. Now I know how girls with big boobs feel!



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